KGB - Living without barriers

  • Place: Bernburg
  • Kind: Study
  • Type: Town House
  • Ap: 1-3

The without barriers live in Bernburg.

New bulding of multigenerational house with special attentions on physically hanicapped people.

The absolute number of older people rises rapidly, also the number of invalid people.
This is accompanied by a strong social slope, what to themselves increasingly also with older and
invalid person allows to put out.
Every person needs his own four walls. Nevertheless, these must be payable, also for social
and healthwise undeprivileged people.
This draught is aimed at it, for people more differently of social and health states,
To offer residential forms, to combine this in a local authority district with each other and to connect, around
so to promote the social exchange, as well as the exchange of the generations.
Thus, for example, senior citizen's apartment-sharing communities or disabled person's apartment-sharing communities educatedly would be able
will enjoy which solve difficulties, however, also joys of the everyday life together or.
Moreover, these social residential forms put cost savings for the affected people
which should matter today, but still even more in the closer future.